About Me

I enjoy using novel acoustic technologies to answer applied ecological questions. I am particularly interested in using autonomous platforms, such as gliders, as survey tools for passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals.

My dissertation research (with the Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies at Oregon State University) focused on comparing gliders and autonomous deep-water floats to traditional stationary underwater recorders and developing density estimation methods for these dynamic systems.

My favorite non-science things to do are hike with my partner Mike and our dogs, Piper and Murphy, take in local baseball games, taste good wine, and spend time in the mountains.


  • Ph.D. in Wildlife Science, Oregon State University, June 2020

  • M.Sc. in Wildlife Science, Oregon State University, June 2015

  • B.A. in Marine Science, University of San Diego, May 2009

Research Projects

Passive Acoustic Gliders

Applications of mobile autonomous technologies like gliders for passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals

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Effects of Noise

Field studies of the behavioral responses of cetaceans to naval sonar with Southall Environmental Associates, Inc

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Active Acoustic Tag

Development and evaluation of an acoustic playback tag as a tool for studying marine mammal responses to stressors

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